PhD scholarships in Explainable AI

At Frontiere we make innovation accessible by eliminating barriers inside and outside organizations, reducing the time it takes to access new technologies by fostering business scalability for Medium and Large Companies.

New humanism, sustainability and accessibility are our founding elements, with attention to a valuable User Experience that combines aesthetic and design elements typical of Made in Italy. From Feasibility Study and Market and Trend Analysis, to Operations Management, through Innovation, Research and Development, we help companies conceive, shape and scale their business.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for a PhD researcher that want to make a substantial scientific contribution to algorithmic fairness while embedded in the Artificial Intelligence team at Frontiere in Rome, Italy, and collaborate with us on high-impact, industry-relevant problems.


You will be integrated into a highly stimulating research environment, both multi-disciplinary and international, and are expected to:

  • investigate empirical and theoretical properties of explainable and fair AI models;
  • develop improved AI models for explainable and fair decision-making;
  • interact with other academic and industrial partners in the FRONTIERE ecosystem ;
  • present and publish results in scientific workshops, conferences, proceedings and journals;
  • participate in and report progress at meetings with FRONTIERE stakeholders;
  • complete and defend a PhD thesis.


  • A Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence, Logic, Operations Research, Mathematics, Computational Physics or a related discipline;
  • Background in machine learning and data science or interest in the fields;
  • Experience or ability to quickly gain knowledge in knowledge representation formalisms (discrete or probabilistic), including causality;
  • Good programming skills (e.g., Python, Julia, R, C/C++, Mathematica);
  • Good knowledge of statistics, basic probability theory and linear algebra;
  • You are required to have citizenship or an existing study/work visa from an EEA country to be able to apply. You must have completed your Master's degree (laurea magistrale) by 30th June 2023.


  • Hybrid mode of work (both smart working and onsite);
  • Health care;
  • Continued professional development through: courses, industry events, books, and in-house training;
  • Ticket restaurant for days worked on site;
  • Dynamic work environment, innovative projects and human-centered corporate culture.
May 10, 2023
contract type
To be assessed during the interview
competitive and commensurate with the level of experience gained.
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We help companies to understand the opportunities offered by digital transformation, and to develop an ethical and sustainable innovation strategy in which the human being is always at the center of the process and has the best user experience, and which respects environmental, social, and data privacy protection standards.
We want to create long-term partnerships with companies, with the goal of providing innovative, high-quality solutions that meet their specific needs, using the most innovative technologies and methodologies available.
We promote social and sustainable innovation, supporting initiatives and projects that aim to improve people's quality of life and address global challenges such as climate change, inequality.
We want to create an ethical and sustainable ecosystem of innovation that helps companies become more agile, intelligent and competitive in the digital age. We envision a world in which companies can take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation to achieve long-term success.

New humanism, sustainability and accessibility are our founding elements, with a focus on a valuable User Experience that combines aesthetic and design elements typical of Made in Italy.Our founding values are reflected in our everyday actions.

  • Innovation: The drive toward the future is the key to our actions. We create value through change and transformation always ready to seize new opportunities.
  • Team Spirit: We know that in a team you need to feel respected in your individuality and that the value of the team is based on everyone's contribution toward a common goal.
  • Sustainability: We are aware that tomorrow's world is built by today's actions. Concern for the environment is a way of life found in our every gesture, outside and inside the company.
  • Passion: Curiosity and the desire to push ourselves higher and higher knowing that we can always go beyond our achievements are the driving force behind our work.


We are technology maniacs. We love to discover, understand and find new and special ways to build our solutions and continuously improve our products.


We have an approach to work that is geared toward continuous experimentation, continuous technical development, and constant personal training and growth (with specific courses, articles, readings, etc.).


We are committed to equal opportunity for everyone, without discrimination based on age, ethnicity, political or religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marital status or domestic situation.
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