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Artificial Intelligence & Data Strategy

We offer your company new market opportunities through the use of cutting-edge technologies and data analysis processes based on Artificial Intelligence.
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Artificial intelligence & data strategy

We offer your company new market opportunities through the use of cutting-edge technologies and data analysis processes based on Artificial Intelligence.
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We help businesses embark on a digital transformation path suited to their digital skills: our teams of consultants, scientists, humanists and Innovation Managers will accompany you step by step supporting you in overcoming the congenital obstacles to the adoption of frontier technologies that are today essential to enable your business to grow by governing change.
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The problem

Applying Artificial Intelligence in an enterprise requires the integration of multidisciplinary teams throughout the organization, with a strong commitment from corporate leadership.

Under the Artificial Intelligence umbrella, there is a wealth of highly specialized knowledge.

Very often, the data needed to fuel decision-making processes resides in multiple sources, which are not homogeneous and require continuous alignment.

Every innovation and especially those related to decisions made by a machine hide unconscious responsibilities and Biases that need to be prevented.

Data confidentiality and privacy regulations are increasingly stringent.
In 5 words:
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Who do we address

Medium and large companies that wish to experiment with new business models through the process of enabling new frontier technologies.
The future is in thought in knowledge, in feelings
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Our solution

We can help your company develop and implement forms of Data Driven Innovation and/or AI Driven Innovation with a supporting framework based on five powerful concepts that alone encapsulate the true meaning of data-driven digital transformation: Knowledge, Accuracy, Accountability, Ethics, Privacy.

The goal is to promote significant internal improvements and develop a culture of innovation that can last for a long time within the company while promoting its competitiveness in the market.
Our Framework for adopting Artificial Intelligence is composed of a well-balanced set of our own tools and methodologies, mixed with open and/or de facto standard tools and methodologies.

Our proprietary methodology in 4 steps:

  1. Let us analyze the current state of the company;
  2. We understand how artificial intelligence can help one's business;
  3. We represent and plan feasible adoption strategies;
  4. We manage Change.

Areas of application

Process automation
AI can improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Data analytics
To analyze large amounts of business data to identify trends and patterns, helping businesses make informed decisions.
Virtual assistance
Chatbots to provide customer support and improve the customer experience.
Fraud detection
To improve the safety and security of enterprises by detecting financial fraud.
Image and voice recognition
To speed up business processes and procedures for example automatic transcription of conversations.
Marketing personalization
AI can be used to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
Sentiment analysis
To help businesses better understand customer opinions by analyzing user sentiments on social media and other online channels
Conversational analytics
To analyze conversations between people and between people and machines and improve the customer experience by providing more effective support.

Frontiere AI competencies:

data governance
Data governance
To ensure that data are secure, private, accurate, available and usable.
data strategy
Data strategy
To improve all ways of acquiring, storing, managing, sharing, and using data.
deep learning
deep learning
To train artificial neural networks to process very large amounts of data while learning how to best perform the pre-set tasks.
explainable ai
Explainable AI
To understand and validate from principle the results and output created by the algorithms.
To accompany companies on the Digital Business journey.
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Automating repetitive tasks increases productivity and employee satisfaction. Data analysis provides valuable information for business decisions. Predicting the future helps prepare for and prevent problems. Automation and analysis can also reduce costs and increase profits.

We guarantee:

Complete Domain Knowledge
  • Multidisciplinary engineering skills
  • Data Strategy & Data Governance
  • Awareness
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Operational Excellence
  • AI at the center of all transformation
  • A modern methodology: Design Thinking
  • Focus on User Experience: Service Design
  • Focus on user interface: HMI design
  • Proprietary methodological approach: Virgilo Methodology
Complete Domain Knowledge
  • Microservice technical infrastructure
  • Data analysis
  • Blockchain
  • IoT networks
  • Cybersecurity
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Hyper Automation
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