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How Chat GPT works: the process of use

Discover the process of using Chat GPT, including context and security. Explore use cases and learn how to create an effective prompt for engaging conversations.


Now that we understandthe process of training and refining the model, let us see how it is used in chat gpt to respond to user requests.

Conceptually, it seems like a simple process: the prompt is entered into the chat gpt model and the corresponding output is returned. However, in reality, the operation is a bit more complex and involves several steps.

One of the distinguishing features of chat gpt is its ability to understand the context of the conversation.

This is made possible through a technique called "conversational prompt injection."
Whenever a new prompt is entered, the entire previous conversation is provided to the chat gpt model through the user interface. In this way, the model has access to the full context of the conversation, enabling it to provide more consistent and contextually relevant responses.
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In addition, chat gpt uses "primary prompt engineering" to ensure an appropriate conversational tone. These are instructions injected before and after the user's prompt that guide the model in maintaining a consistent conversational style. These instructions are invisible to the user and act as a support to direct the model in the desired manner, ensuring that responses are appropriate and consistent with the intended conversational style.

The security of the content generated by chat gpt is a key concern. To ensure a safe environment for users, the generated prompt is submitted to the moderation API. This step allows certain types of unsafe or inappropriate content to be warned or blocked. In addition, the result generated by chat gpt may also be submitted to the moderation API before being returned to the user in order to ensure a better experience and prevent the disclosure of inappropriate content.

This complex process of prompt processing, context understanding, and content moderation takes place in the background while interacting with chat gpt.
All these steps ensure that the user experience is satisfactory, offering relevant, consistent, and safe responses.

Chat GPT - Use Cases

Given its ability to understand and respond to natural language input, chat gpt has a wide range of potential applications. Some common uses for chat gpt include:

  1. Customer service: chat gpt can be used to answer customer questions, provide information, and solve problems in real time. This can be especially useful for companies that want to provide 24/7 support to their customers.
  2. Education: chat gpt can be used to provide information or answer questions in a variety of educational contexts. For example, it could be used as a tutor or to provide information on a particular topic.
  3. Information provision: chat gpt can be used to provide information on a wide range of topics, such as weather, news or activities that can support as much in private as in professional life. As simplistic as it is to use chat gpt as a simple alternative to Google and search engines, it is undeniable that this tool can provide valuable support even in simple data and information retrieval.
  4. Personal assistant: chat gpt can be used as a personal assistant to help with tasks such as planning, organizing, and managing information. For example, chat gpt can help in planning the organic editorial plan of a personal Linkedin profile to optimize personal branding.
  5. Human Resources: chat gpt can optimally automate and manage multiple aspects related to human resource management, precisely because of its ability to process and generate natural language: from selection to staff training to ongoing employee support.
  6. Marketing: one of the areas in which chat gpt has amply demonstrated its enormous potential is definitely Marketing. From the definition of an editorial plan for the Blog, perhaps structured following the Topic Cluster strategy, to the optimization of an article from an SEO point of view, to support in the management of the company's Social channels, even in conjunction with specific automation tools.

Overall, the potential uses of chat gpt are vast and varied, making it a versatile and powerful tool for a wide range of applications.

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How to write a prompt for chat gpt

As we have seen chat gpt represents a conversational ChatBot based on user-supplied questions (PROMPTs). So what makes a good chat gpt prompt and how can you create effective prompts that drive engaging and informative conversations?


There are some key principles to keep in mind:

  1. Clarity: a clear and concise prompt will help ensure that chat gpt understands the topic or activity at hand and is able to generate an appropriate response. Avoid using overly complex or ambiguous language and try to be as specific as possible in your prompts.
  2. Focus: a well-defined prompt should have a clear purpose and focus, helping to guide the conversation and keep it on track. Avoid using instructions that are too broad or open-ended, which can lead to disconnected or unfocused conversations.
  3. Relevance: make sure your suggestions are relevant to the user and the conversation. Avoid introducing unrelated or tangential topics that may distract from the main goal of the conversation.

By following these principles, you can create effective chat gpt prompts that drive engaging and informative conversations.

Nota Bene:

  1. I always recommend checking sources. Since this is generative AI, the generated text is likely but may contain inaccuracies.
  2. I recommend, in addition, to add your own point of view. It is important to think of him as an assistant who makes your work easier and faster. It cannot be your alter ego.

How do I build a prompt

Let's look in detail at my favorite technique. I always construct prompts following 4 main sections:

  1. Role - It starts with "Act as a XXXX." Basically here we are asking chat gpt to play a person with a professionalism (Researcher, Teacher, Translator, Java Developer, Marketer) or a well-known person (Elon Mask, Bill Gates etc.
  2. Context - here I typically insert indications related to target audience (I want to speak to an adult audience, eighth graders etc) or I want to refer to specific industries (Finance, Logistic etc)
  3. Instructions - In this section I enter what to do (write a 200 word text, compose a sonnet, translate this text etc)
  4. Examples - You can insert a sample text, or an idiom. Here I also often add the style of voice or a text of my own to give it that personalized feel.

In the following chapters, we will explore these principles in more detail and explore specific techniques for creating clear and concise prompts.

How do I build a prompt
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Examples of prompts

Example 1: English translator and enhancer

In the example, I iterated in the conversation, switching to Italian to allow him to give me a more accurate answer. The interesting thing to note is that in addition to the quality of the answer provided, chat gpt was lenient toward me and despite the fact that I misspelled Istambul, it gave me the answer I expected.

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Example 2: interviewer

We use this prompt to technically analyze the question asked.

The first sentence is for him to play a role. I want him to give me an answer as a candidate interview expert.

The second from context. I am explaining the scenario and orienting him for a specific area.

From the third to the sixth sentence I am explaining the rules of the game to him.

The last sentence is an icebreaker I tell him where to start.

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Example 3: Travel guide

In this prompt example I want to focus on the 5th instruction. After giving precise instructions in the first 4 sentences I ask him to suggest goals similar to those given above.

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How Explainable AI can help overcome mistrust regarding the adoption of Artificial Intelligence

Let's find out together what are the practical applications and future of this revolutionary technology.


Chat GPT represents an incredible breakthrough in artificial intelligence and natural language generation. Using LLMs such as GPT-3.5, trained on massive amounts of Internet data and subjected to RLHF, chat gpt is able to provide contextually relevant and semantically consistent responses to user queries.

The use of engineered prompts and the implementation of a moderation API ensure a more secure user experience. The future of chat gpt is even more promising as technology evolves and new models such as GPT-4 are introduced. Whether you are fascinated by the potential of AI or simply want an intelligent chatbot, chat gpt proves to be a cutting-edge solution in the field of natural language processing.
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