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Innovation and new technologies travel hand in hand, and companies that want to govern change as protagonists cannot fail to adapt. We have developed a specific methodology with the aim of mitigating the risks and spillovers (social and functional) of innovation processes.
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Skills acquired over the years and gained mainly in innovation, research and development projects aimed at creating new products, new service designs and business process reengineering have been an integral part of projects led by Innovation Managers and serial entrepreneurs through agile and adaptive methodologies.
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The problem

The explosive growth of digital has revolutionized "customer consumption habits," the relationship between consumers and brands, communication models, and marketing tools and languages, generating new business opportunities and affecting the balances and organizational arrangements of companies.
Today, "digital" affects the interaction of customers with exponential growth in online and mobile channels and increasingly flexible and dynamic service models: all businesses are evolving toward an integrated omnichannel model within which digital channels and tools play a central role.
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Who do we address

We support medium and large enterprises that are going through the digitization process or want to embark on a digital transformation path by adopting Web3 tools, enabling new business models.
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Our solution

Thanks to the extensive network of innovators supporting us, we are able to intercept the most important technological innovations and govern them to foster their adoption by our clients.
Extended reality (XR), Metaverse, Blockchain, IoT, Automation are just some of the NewGen digital solutions we can help you adopt, with the goal of accompanying your company into Web3.
We provide dedicated consulting in public and private spheres aimed at innovation and growth, scouting and evaluation of frontier technologies, process and/or product innovation. All in an ethical and humanistic declination of technologies constantly attentive to the role of humans in business and social processes.
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With multidisciplinary and multi-domain expertise, because new technologies are no longer just a technical issue, we are able to intercept and master Web3 technologies to offer the possibility of a more equitable and people-centered future.

We guarantee:

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Open innovation

We are promoters of the Open Innovation cultural model, through which we are able to orchestrate consulting activities in the public and private sectors aimed at innovation and growth, scouting and evaluation of innovative technologies, and process and/or product innovation.

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Our approach is based on Human Centered Design (HCD): a design methodology that aims to develop solutions that meet the needs, preferences and capabilities of human users, deep understanding of user needs and expectations, and strives to create solutions that are easy to use, intuitive and emotionally satisfying.

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Our goal is to create solutions that fit your company's capabilities and needs and help your teams perform their tasks more effectively and satisfactorily.

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