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Enterprise Apps

Complete solutions for your business, from developing new applications to integrating your existing ones.
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Application integration, Architectural consulting, Professional services, New application development, Enterprise App customization and Cloud oriented services.

Our consultants are by your side to innovatively and effectively manage the activities necessary for your business.
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The problem

IT application infrastructures are increasingly evolving toward the concept of Cloud First and skills and seniority are needed to marry old application architectures with new Cloud based ones.

These are skills that are rarely available in the market and form the hard core of the skills present in Frontiere.

Using modern methodologies and processes will optimize costs and results.

To whom do we address

We support medium and large companies that want to manage their applications or IT infrastructure in an innovative way, support existing projects or implement projects from scratch that need end-to-end design according to the client's needs.
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Our solution

Our consulting activities range from professional services for highly specialized resources in particular technologies to end-to-end design of projects tailored to our clients' needs.

Our centers of excellence range from customer experience and UX-UI design to resilient and scalable modern architectures.
We aim for effectiveness, offering a quality product on time, and we adopt methodologies based on transparency of information that allows the customer to change when they want to.
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Companies can greatly benefit from innovations to conduct business with new tools in which design, user experience and creativity are seamlessly integrated.
Our No Vendor Lock in approach, allows the client to stay with us if and only if they feel they have worked well with us: we set up projects following an agile methodology, which allows maximum sharing of know-how.

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