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AI among technical tools without, in my opinion, an overall vision

For some years, I have been contributing to the development of solutions in the AI field, leveraging the expertise of a small, knowledgeable group of colleagues and a think tank with whom I enjoy sharing the doubts and perplexities that arise as I delve deeper into this technological domain. Lately, my reflections have been accompanied by a sense of incompleteness, which I managed to pinpoint this morning after coming across Robert Silvers' work titled "Barack Obama, 2009."

In this photomosaic on aluminum, which can be appreciated in detail by clicking here, the artist portrays the former US president using a technique that, much like a traditional mosaic, combines many small photos to create a single, large image. Silvers' work illustrates his vision of Barack Obama through the pages of articles discussing him and his presidency. The essential characteristic of the photomosaic technique is that, unlike a traditional mosaic, each tile is an image in itself. This creates a fascinating dual-level effect, requiring the observer to adopt different perspectives to fully understand what is represented.

In Silvers' work, this is reversed by allowing the observer to construct their own image of the Obama character by reading each individual article or by viewing the overall image formed by the graphic assembly of all the articles. This represents the subjective image the artist has constructed of the character through these articles.

Similarly, in the AI universe, I feel that the individual technological components are akin to single images within a broader and more complex technology. This technology must be viewed from a different perspective to truly understand what AI is.

Article source: Linkedin Article by Vincenzo Gioia

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