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Biotechnology combines technology and biology, and plays a significant role in improving human health, in healthcare and drug development. Some recent developments in this area are:
  • Rapid and precise development and manufacturing of medicine
  • Accurate, fast, cheap, and personalized diagnostics and prognostics
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Digital healthcare
Drug research and development is an extremely expensive, time-consuming and high-risk process. The attrition rate is very high; so few drugs are actually brought to market.
Artificial intelligence and biotechnology: an important and delicate relationship.
Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to perform functions and reasoning typical of the human mind. Based on these definitions, it is clear that the relationship between AI and biotechnology is bound to touch on such important issues as the identity and nature of the human being.
The adoption of AI in biotechnology: the benefits
The combination of AI and biotechnology offers many advantages, for example in patient stratification, new drug discovery, and precision medicine. The application of AI to genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics could make biotechnology one of the pillars of the next industrial revolution.
Why Frontiere?

Currently, the pharmaceutical industry requires an increased focus on data aggregation and sharing, and this is where the Frontiere network stands out through:

  • A "full explainable AI" (xAI) approach, focusing on humans and their perception. xAI enables humans to accept the results created by AI algorithms, helping to overcome a lack of trust related to data quality, management and governance, which are inherent barriers to AI adoption.

  • Federated learning, another pillar of the "Frontiere method," driven by advances in IoT, capable of stimulating collaborations for cross-site data sharing without compromising patient privacy legislation, regulated for example by GDPR and HIPAA. Federated learning can unify large datasets in healthcare.

  • IT architecture: The future of pharma will require enterprise-wide AI and data analytics capabilities, to enhance sharing, searching and analysing complex datasets. Frontiere manages the adoption and evolution towards platform ecosystems, to enhance simplified user experience in storage, governance and analytics environments.

  • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VR/AR): Making it feel real, enhances the possibilities of the use of VR / AR in medicine. The combination of VR / AR with electronic and chemical haptics extends reality by adding sensory input. Adding touch to the virtual environment can offer possibilities for telemedicine (conduct exams remotely from the patient), and surgery training simulations. Pain alleviation treatment is another promising avenue for the use of extended reality.
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