Interview with E-Sea Sharing: the sea's first sharing mobility

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A project highlighting the sea's new sharing mobility concept that, thanks to a dedicated App, allows people to quickly rent their own dinghy, driving it safely and freely.

When we think of Sharing Mobility we naturally think of a car, a scooter, a bike, a van or a scooter. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a smart and fast solution for renting a dinghy as well? 

There is a way to enjoy sharing mobility even on vacation and it is called E-Sea-Sharing! A sea of freedom all Made in Italy - write Giuseppe Labate and Claudio Fiumara, CEO and COO respectively of the parent company of the world's first boat sharing service, designed and developed to meet the needs and desires of all those travelers who want to experience the sea. 

Thanks to a dedicated App, E-sea sharing allows people to quickly rent their dinghy: just search for the nearest port and start the rental at any time. The service is currently available on the Emerald Coast and will soon land in the Cinque Terre, the Aeolian Islands and the Amalfi Coast.

It is, therefore, a project that highlights the new concept of sharing mobility of the sea. 

The innovative platform is tailor-made and reflects the specifications necessary for the delivery of the service by E-Sea Sharing itself. The App is currently available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

We met with the star-up's COO Claudio Fiumara and, of course aboard an inflatable boat from the E-SEA-Sharing fleet, asked him how the idea came about and what the actual benefits are for travelers.

How did the E-Sea Sharing project come about?

The innovative start-up was born in 2020 from the vision of two young entrepreneurs with a passion for the sea and technology who decided to bring these two worlds together to give boating a new look and bring it closer to the most advanced land-based mobility systems.

Giuseppe has always cultivated his passion for the sea by working with charter companies and running a tourist marina. Claudio, on the other hand, an environmental and territorial engineer and Ph.D., is a founding partner of a university spin-off and is constantly researching innovative projects. The two, following the forced stop caused by the lockdown, thus decided to form E-Sea Sharing with the aim of revolutionizing and industrializing the process of nautical leasing by launching boat sharing on the market.

What are the benefits for users of the service?

The benefits offered to the customer are many and respond to the need for easy, fast, affordable sea travel, overcoming the limitations inherent in the currently existing options.

First, the service allows anyone to have access to an opportunity that until now has been reserved for the few, due to the high cost and objective difficulties involved in owning a boat. 

The vessels, being equipped with 40-hp engines, can be used even by those who do not have a boat license. Vessels are always available, geolocated and identified by means of a mobile application, which makes it particularly easy to use the service. This allows the customer to be totally free to sail, at any time, to any route, and to release the vessel even in a different port than the one of departure.

Compared to traditional rental, E-Sea Sharing offers payment, contactless and cachless, even by the minute, so that the customer can decide to pay only for actual use.

All of this is done autonomously, without having to contact a boat owner, making boating a 360-degree experience and offering even the less experienced a chance to experience the unmooring and mooring of a vessel.

The service is monitored remotely through technological devices that aim to increase safety at sea, both for the customer and for other boaters.

E-Sea Sharing is a highly innovative and unique project in italy: helping the startup build the sharing platform, starting from our full suite of shared mobility solutions, was an exciting challenge.

Go E-Sea Sharing!

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